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The year was 1996, and the summer sun beat down on the streets of Hartford, Connecticut. Robby Johnson had spent his youth running around the vibrant neighborhood of Putnam Street, where the sounds of laughter and music filled the air. He had always been surrounded by music, from the pop hits blasted on MTV to the timeless melodies of his mom’s vinyl records playing on an old beat up stereo. His cousin reintroduced him to a genre of music he hadn’t heard in a while. As the sounds of a certain country singer filled his ears, Robby felt his heart begin to stir. He had loved country music before, enjoying the classic sounds of Johnny, Willie, Dolly, and Kenny… but this singer was different.

This singer had a unique and authentic way of delivering a song. It was like the lyrics were speaking directly to Robby, touching on everyday struggles and triumphs that he could relate to on a deep level. As the twangy words and rhymes filled up the void created by the absence of a loving father, he felt something shift inside him. It was as if he had found a missing piece of himself, triggering an awakening that changed his life forever.

Years later he found himself standing on the floor of the 50th CMA Awards, and it was then that he saw him – the singer who had changed his life forever – Garth Brooks. This was the man whose voice had spoken directly to his heart and soul all those years ago. With a pounding heart and a feeling of pure gratitude, Robby shook his hand.

In the early days of Robby’s musical journey, he found his voice in a most unexpected place – amidst the deafening noise of the machinery in a manufacturing plant where he worked. It was there that he discovered his gift, his ability to sing with a passion that could truly move people.

With his newfound confidence, Robby took a bold step forward, quitting his job and moving to Nashville to chase his dreams. There, he found two kindred spirits in producer Jimmy Nichols and songwriter/guitarist Frank Myers, who saw the potential in his talent and helped him navigate the challenging landscape of the music industry. 

Robby’s breakout hit, “South of Me,” soared into the Top 20 on the US country radio charts and earned him a coveted performance slot on the Late Show with David Letterman.

His debut album, “Don’t Look Back,” was a product of his collaboration with Nashville’s top songwriters, including Luke Laird, Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, Shane McAnally, and Sam Hunt. The album also featured a scintillating guitar solo from country music icon Vince Gill on one of his songs, “I Ain’t The Guy.”  Two of the album’s songs climbed  to the Top 30, and the music video for the power ballad “Together” became an instant hit, garnering over 2 million views on CMT and GAC. In 2018, Robby released a new EP titled “Trouble,” and its lead single “Big Time” was slated as a discovery song on the nationally aired Crook & Chase Countdown. 

Robby’s journey to success was far from easy, but it was a testament to his resilience and passion for country music. His music speaks to the heart, with songs that reflect the full spectrum of human emotions and experiences. He wants to create a space where people can find comfort in his music, where they can connect with each other through shared stories of love, hurt, and triumph. It was a calling that had always been within him, one that he had discovered amidst the pain and heartache of his youth. Robby’s music recognizes the transformative power of country music, and he is grateful for the opportunity to give back to Country Music and its fans.


Meet country artist Robby Johnson! We talk about his early surprise success as an artist and how working at McDonald’s changed his life.

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