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Walker’s Fate Revealed + Is Bass Reeves Worth It?

Walker had it coming. Yellowstone‘s cowboy troubadour had been upsetting key characters since arriving in Season 1, but he’d also represented morality, albeit in an unconventional kind of way.

During Ep. 6 of Season 2, his fate is sealed, for now. Walker (played by real life singer Ryan Bingham) and Kayce drive off to the train station, but the catch is that only one of them knows what that really means. If you’ve watched all four-and-a-half seasons of Yellowstone, you know how this ends, but those catching up on CBS may be wondering if this is it for the character.

This sequence is a big part of this week’s Dutton Rules podcast conversation.

Young Beth also caught the podcast hosts’ attention, but the most important thing this week is Jamie Dutton’s unraveling. No spoilers here, but what he does mid-way through Ep. 6 (arguably a Top 5 Yellowstone episode) shapes his character for the next three seasons. It’s dramatic and grizzly, and frankly, the only way he was going to save his family.

That doesn’t make it right.

Lauren Smith/Paramount+

Lauren Smith/Paramount+

The final 15 minutes of this week’s pod focus on Lawmen: Bass Reeves on Paramount+. The show has been slowly revealing the famous lawman’s character. Or has it slowly been revealing a lack of character? See if you agree with the hosts who say the topic is very interesting, but the show requires some patience.

This week, Adison Haager and Billy Dukes break down Ep. 5 and 6 of Season 2 of Yellowstone, as well as Part 4 of Lawmen: Bass Reeves. Listen to Dutton Rules: A Yellowstone + 1923 Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you podcast. It’s also now available on YouTube.

PICTURES: Look Inside ‘Yellowstone’ Season 2, Episode 5 and 6

Yellowstone will continue airing its second season on CBS on Sunday (Nov. 19), and pictures released in advance hint at the action in Episode 5, “Touching Your Enemy,” and Episode 6, “Blood the Boy.”

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

PICTURES: Look Inside ‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ Part 4

Lawmen: Bass Reeves continues airing on Paramount+ on Nov. 19, and pictures released in advance hint at some of the drama and action that lies ahead in Part 4.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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