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Meet the DJ's

The Country Blend is comprised of all professional broadcasters. Not just playin’ with a hobby here; we’re located all across the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canada, and the UK. Feel free to reach out and get to know us! That’s part of the fun of online radio, we’re all approachable, and we don’t think any of us bites.

Jeff Randolph
7am - 10am EDT
10pm - 12am EDT

6pm - 10pm EDT
4am - 7am EDT

Jay Harper
10am - 2pm EDT
12am - 2am EDT

Sat 12pm - 4pm EDT
Sun 9pm - 12am EDT

Hugh Stone
2pm - 6pm EDT
2am - 4am EDT

Sue Bonzell
Sat 4pm - 8pm EDT
Sun 1pm - 5pm EDT

Jeremy Scott
Sat 8pm - 12am EDT
Sun 5pm - 9pm EDT

General Manager
Specialty Shows

Talk to us...

Jeff Randolph

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, went to college in Chicago, and still live in the Chicago suburbs. I have been here my whole life; I just moved south to north.

I like spending time with my wife and our kids, but mostly I enjoy music of all genres and have only, over the past few years, developed a deep appreciation for all things country music – especially country artists of color. I aim to attend at least one live show a month.

I’m always open to trying new cuisine. I podcast and have a strong interest in pro wrestling. I welcome the opportunity to get a long walk in too. Glad to now be part of The Country Blend.

Kitty McVay

Hello to you, and welcome to The Country Blend!

I’m a long-time radio chick, who loves her country AND her rock, both make me happy… so do cats, gaming, cleaning the toilet, and doing dishes. Cooking is another way I keep my “crazy” in check.

I love someone who’s honest and tells you the “straight dope” since that’s what I pride myself on.

My hubby is someone I’ve known since he was 13, and he hunted me down 5 years ago and we’ve been back together since then. And I wouldn’t trade him for a BILLION dollars, because when you find someone who’s crazy and plays well with your own, you embrace them. 

I’m here to “entertain” you, and I do want to hear what you think… drop me a message here on our website, or hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by finding me.

Search for “Kitty McVay” – and if you can’t find me, tell me and I’ll find you!

So if you’re looking for a friend, I’m here for you on The Country Blend! Where we “do radio” the RIGHT way: we LISTEN to you and give you what you want!

Jay Harper

I’m a native Texan but grew up in New Orleans where I got the radio itch while in high school, and have now been scratchin’ it for 45 years! And while I’ve worked most radio formats, I love and enjoy Country the most!

I’m based in Nashville, TN, where I arrived in the Music City in 1985 as a National Radio Promotion Manager with MCA Records. I worked with George Strait, Reba McEntire, Waylon Jennings, Barbara Mandrell, Glen Campbell, Loretta Lynn, The Oak Ridge Boys, Steve Wariner, Patty Loveless, Conway Twitty, Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett, and many more.

I also produced country music concerts at fairs and festivals across America and have gotten the chance to work with almost every artist in Country music, including Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and many more.

My wife Lisa and I have two grown children, Nick and Katie, and recently became grandparents to a grandson, Jonas!

I’m also incredibly excited to pass on his passion and knowledge of country music artists to The Country Blend listeners!


I have been a country music fan since I was a kid when I  heard Roy Clark and Tammy Wynette and watched them on TV. Remember HeeHaw?  

As a teen, my friend’s uncle was a Country DJ and got us in Charlie Rich’s dressing room and backstage, where I met the Gatlin Bros., Oak Ridge Boys, Loretta Lynn, and Eddie Rabbitt.

I just love the classic stuff, and today my favorites are Hank Jr., Waylon, Chris Stapleton, and Leann Rimes.

I’ve lived all across this great land of ours, including Atlanta, Miami, West Palm Beach, DC, and more. 

Can’t wait to get to know you on The Country Blend.

Hugh Stone

I’m a long time country radio DJ and am so glad to keep going on The Country Blend.

My roots are native to Maryland but have called North Carolina my home for over three decades with my wife of 35 years and my grown kids, whom I love dearly.

I revel in living at the beach and have been obsessed with palm trees since I was a little boy and have understood my entire life that I would someday live under them.

So, there you go. I take pleasure in black coffee, cooking all the meals for my family, daily morning meditation, writing, and reading, and actually read 5 books at a time, yeah, I am weird that way but I like to read.

My passions are my Bible study, time with my wife and kids, close friends, and writing.

And when I’m not on the air, I love art and creating one-of-a-kind things to give as gifts around the holidays.

Sue Bonzelle

Sue began her radio career purely by accident. A simple on-air appearance to promote an event, ended up being more than she’d planned.

Sue began in Santa Rosa, CA at an AC station for a short time, then moved to the local country station where she has remained for more than fifteen years, first as a midday, then afternoon drive on-air personality. In addition, she is a morning show host on a country station in the Cayman Islands.

Sue has a passion for country music, which is why she has created and hosts the video podcast Up N Country on YouTube, where she interviews emerging and rising country artists.

“I really enjoy connecting with the artists, having some laughs and discovering things that people would never guess about them. It thrills me to be a small part of their journey in country music.”

Her friends call her “a hamster on crack,” because of her outgoing personality and never-ending energy that she pours into every project she tackles, which always seems to be many!

When not on the air, she enjoys spending time with friends, dining out, cooking in, watching chick flicks, videography, golfing and sipping on fine wine.

Click here for Sue’s website.

Dave Moss

Oh, how I’ve missed this!!! I was on the air many years ago and then went into a business career, but there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t miss radio. Now I’m back, bigger (age will do that) and better than ever.

My wife Sharon and I have four adult kids and one dog, although we are doggie grandparents to 4 others. Life is good – even expecting our first (human) grandchild soon.

And yes, I still love to rock ‘n roll with the best of them and just love all the talent out there now, both pop and country.

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